This policy only applies to those who have retained the services of Landlord Paralegal Lisa L Barder (for Prospective Client Communication scroll down to the bottom of this page)

Methods of Communication

Landlord Paralegal Lisa Barder seeks to provide the finest possible client service that meets clients’ needs and expectations while responding to clients questions and concerns in a timely manner. To do so, Landlord Paralegal Lisa Barder uses the following methods to communicate directly with clients:

  • telephone,
  • voicemail,
  • mail, and
  • email

Please note that to maintain paralegal-client confidentiality and be as efficient as possible, Lisa Barder does not communicate with clients via text messages or social media. Any text messages or messages sent to Lisa L. Barder will be deleted.

Changes to Client Contact Information

As a client, it is your obligation to notify Landlord Paralegal Lisa Barder in a timely manner of any changes to your contact information. Failure to do so could impede receipt of a critical communication and adversely impact your legal matter.

Legal Service Interim Reporting and Statement of Account/Invoices.

As a client, you will receive regular updates regarding the legal services we have provided you. These updates, along with any invoices, are generally sent within one week of providing a step in the stage of your case and will be sent to you by email. You may also receive letters documenting major changes and events that affect your matter. For example, at the completion of your matter, Ms. Barder will send you a Final Reporting Letter by regular letter mail.  For events requiring your attendance or participation, for example, a hearing/court date or meeting, we may also send you a Microsoft Outlook calendar invitation to schedule the event and serve as a reminder to both you and Ms. Barder.

Telephone Calls

Lisa Barder would be delighted to be available personally to receive every client incoming call, and please know that should Ms. Barder be available when you call, she will certainly immediately attend to your request.  However, generally, to maintain a purposeful and efficient practice, Ms. Barder creates her schedule ahead of time.  This schedule also includes phone calls with clients.

If your issue does require speaking with Lisa Barder immediately, then it is usually more efficient to schedule a phone or virtual/remote meeting or send Lisa Barder a short email to and should Ms. Barder be available she will certainly respond in a timely manner.   Please note, however, scheduled calls take precedence over returning messages and voicemails from unscheduled calls.


Email is the most convenient method of communication.

Lisa Barder requests that for each incoming email sent by her clients, contain an appropriate subject that clearly identifies the contents of email message.

This way Ms. Barder can quickly scan her inbox for any urgent matters that require her immediate attention.

Any direct emails sent to Lisa Barder is not monitored 24/7 and are generally checked three times a day, morning, midday and at the end of the day, except weekends and holidays. Lisa Barder’s goal is to respond to emails within 72 hours.  However, should your inquiry require additional legal research prior to responding, Ms. Barder’s reply may take longer then 72  hours.

Lisa Barder may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment, whether by phone or virtually (during the pandemic), if doing so would be more efficient than responding to a complex matter in writing via email.

Urgent Communications

If the matter is urgent, you should email and call Lisa Barder, rather than just leaving a voice mail message. You should mark the subject line of your email “Urgent” and upon Ms. Barder scanning her inbox, she will interrupt or rearrange her daily schedule and return your urgent email or call at her next available opportunity. Otherwise, if it is not a true emergency, Lisa Barder will forward you a calendar request to scheduling her next available appointment.

If Lisa Barder requires your immediate attention, she will first call you, and then follow up by email and/or regular mail.


Landlord Paralegal Lisa Barder does not provide substantive legal advice over the phone or by email.

Should you require substantive legal advice, you must schedule a virtual appointment, and you must complete a Request for Paralegal Consultation Form which will be provided to your upon request.

All communication with you, whether Lisa Barder provides you with summary or substantive legal advice, will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Click here to contact Lisa L. Barder to schedule a one-hour consultation.  Please note Lisa Barder charges $175.00 for each one hour consultation (or part thereof) which includes preparation time and administration (equal o approximately 1.5 hours of Ms. Barder’s time)